equipping ministry leaders




Culture is the foundation of every organization. Everything that is done and said is setting and resulting from culture. Culture is what we believe, it is how we govern, it is what steers our passion and produces our environment.  

At Victor College, we are passionate about culture. We emphasize relationships. We honor those who lead, those we lead and everyone around us. We are here to become greater servants, of God and of others. We are focused on the work of ministry. We desire to learn what true ministry is and how to achieve it with great effectiveness.

Our assignment is to EQUIP, and so our culture is designed to EQUIP our students. Our culture is FUN, so we strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Our culture is ENERGETIC and serious about being the best we can be.

At Victor College, you will be challenged, equipped, instructed, engaged, connected and broadened.  


VIC*TOR [vik-ter]

1. a person who has overcome an adversary; conquerer 2. a winner in any struggle or contest

For us, VICTOR is embodied in the heart of our founding father, Dr. Victor D. Toney. One who overcame obstacles, pushed through barriers and never gave up on the assignment God had given him. It is in his example that we see the picture of what it means to be a VICTOR.  

As a student of ministry leadership, there will be "push-through" moments.  There will be times when life is busy and you will be tempted to push the pursuit of your calling to the side.  It is in these moments that a VICTOR says, "I can overcome this barrier." Strength is born in these moments. This is where endurance is built. Building the kingdom, leading others, casting vision, doing the work, all take tremendous effort for sure. For those who have a VICTOR attitude, the work may be hard but the decision is easy. Following the plan of God for our lives is a simple choice, and not a hard one. The work will require great effort, but the reward is eternal. With the proper training, healthy relationships and plenty of experience, you can become a VICTOR.